Gum boil, abscess, gingival recession?

Posted by Dental News Team On April - 21 - 2010

There is a blister on my gum-is it a gum boil, an abscess or the consequences of gingival recession?

All of these three symptoms can be chracteristics of chronical gingivitis!

An abscess appears acutely-especially in summer, when it´s getting warmer. The reasons are gum diseases, dead teeth and bad root treated teeth.
A gum boil mostly appears chronically. Most of the time patients have had abscesses before and the inflammations turn into gum boils.

Gingival recession is a late symptom and appears if a parodontitis/abscess has not been treated or wrong treated.

If you have/had one of those three symptoms over and over again, please see a doctor immediately!

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Gingivitis: reasons, therapy opportunities!

Posted by Dental News Team On April - 20 - 2010

What is Gingivitis?

Inflammation of the gums characterized by change in color-redness; form-swelling; and the presence of bleeding or exudates (puss)

Most common reasons:

  1. Plaque – most common form
  2. Faulty Restorations/crowns – edge modified
  3. Hormonal influenced gingivitis
  4. Menstrual cycle associated gingivitis
  5. Pregnancy induced gingivitis
  6. Systemic disease induced gingivitis – diabetes
  7. Gingivitis associated with blood count disorders
  8. Drug induced gingivitis – epilepsy medications
  9. HIV associated gingivitis



Dental News Team



1 and 2 are the most frequent reasons, accounting for more than 90% of the cases. It is easily resolved:

  • Plaque and calculus removal
  • Good home care – brushing 2 min, flossing
  • Removal of any factors causing plaque accumulation.

Remember: there is not damage to the gums and the supporting bone

If gingivitis is untreated, and continues to reoccur, it will eventually lead to a periodontal disease, which can cause tooth loss if untreated over many years. 


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