Are cysts the fault of the jaw, the dentist, or the patient?

Posted by Dental News Team On December - 4 - 2009

What are cysts, how do they form, and why do we only get them in certain places?

CystThere are many different types of jaw cysts. A cyst is an empty bubble wrapped in a thin membrane and found inside an organ or tissue.

Jaw cysts are found inside the bone, which is why they are often called bone cysts, or hard-body cysts. A distinction is made between congenital or acquired jaw cysts.

For example, follicle, globulo-maxillary and median lower jaw cysts are congenital cysts.

Periodontal or reticular cysts, on the other hand, are acquired.

Cysts are named according to the tissue they originated in, which also provides a clue as to how they form.

Let’s take a look at reticular cysts, which are usually caused by faulty root treatment. For example, if the roots were not filled to the tip, then cysts can form there even years later.


Well, if root canal tissue was left over after treatment, it starts to rot and causes an inflammation in the bone. And this can stimulate tissue to grow.

Details on reticular cysts in this video!

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