Chipped tooth?

Posted by Dental News Team On January - 7 - 2010

Chipped tooth – what now?

zahn_abgebrochenWhether incisor or molar, there are two things you need to consider.

If only the enamel was chipped, then it is usually enough to smooth out the sharp edges. Larger defects may require reconstruction using plastic.

If there is an enamel/dentine fracture, then check whether the dental nerve is exposed.

If so, then you need to go a dentist right away, and you may just be able to avoid getting root treatment! If only the dentine is exposed, but not the dental nerve, you should still go to a dentist as soon as you can, because the dental nerve could still be damaged. The chipped dentine can be repaired using plastic, ceramic filling, or a veneer.

Moreover, the dentist can check whether you have a fracture in your root, or the joint head of your jaw and/or alveolar appendage – these complications can still be painful, especially if e.g. a small child hurts its chin, the jaw should be examined very carefully!

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