Master of Implantology – additional dental degree

Posted by Dental News Team On October - 29 - 2009

Is a dentist with the title„Master of Implantology“ better able to perform implants than a “normal” dentist?

zahnarzt_implantologieMaster here, Master there, Master Master everywhere. There is more and more talk of additional training to become e.g. a “Master of Oral Implantology”.  This training has to be paid for but does not really say much about the actual skills of a dentist.

There are various reasons for this: first of all there are no general standards for these courses, some last a few days, others years. It also depends on why the dentist is doing them – some do it for the certificate, others to further their education.

Another example should illustrate the problem of additional studies:

A doctor works in a hospital and handles broken jaws, tumors etc, but has no Master’s Degree. However, during the course of his or her career, s/he has performed innumerable operations on bones and hundreds of implants.

Another dentist takes a one-year course to become a „Master of Implantology“ but may only have actually attended 200 implant settings and only performed about 20 of them. Whatever institute charges the dentist for the course may not check to see how well the dentist works while performing this procedure …

Who would you rather have performing your implant?

Don’t let certificates fool you, instead ask dentists how long they have been performing implants and where they have worked before. You have the right to ask these questions, and don’t get “taken in” by a dentist’s age …

More information on this topic here!

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