Pivot tooth, pivot crown, stump reconstruction

Posted by Dental News Team On November - 20 - 2009

The terms pivot tooth, pivot crown, stump reconstruction or pivot reconstruction all refer to a tooth reinforced by a pivot.


If a tooth has suffered extreme cavity damage (1)

that practically only the root is left (2),

a pivot (3) can be inserted into the root to

provide retention for affixing a dental crown (4).

To succeed, this procedure requires

  • proper treatment of whatever is left of the root (the pink area in picture 2)
  • the root itself to be in good condition

Nowadays, it is common to use fiber-glass pivots, earlier they were made of metal. More on the topic of pivot teeth here!

The cost of a pivot tooth ranges from 100€- 350€ in Europe, depending on the materials and manufacturing methods used. Monday we will show you some examples of badly performed pivot tooth insertions. An x-ray  will show you the status of your pivot teeth – more on the topic of x-rays here.

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