Periodontitis versus parodontosis

There are still dental professionals who use the old and wrong name for a periodontal disease – parodontosis. The correct name is periodontitis. – In former times bacteria couldn´t be proven because of wrong techniques-this was called parodontosis. In the last 25 years it is known that inflammation of the periodontum is caused by bacteria, […]

Gums as a reflection of our overall health!?

Gums as a reflection of our overall health? YES AND NO! Over and over again we read scientific and non scientific journals about vitamin deficiency and the consequences from it. As a result many people choose to take homeopathic medicine –a mistake most of the time! – 99% of gum diseases are attributed to plaque […]

Most common reasons for periodontitis

  – – – – – – – Most common reasons for periodontitis The most common reasons of pariodontitis are: Plaque accumulation due to poor oral hygiene, overhang restorations, ill fitting crowns Malocclusion Stress      Smoking Systemic disease such as diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes Fortunately all these factors are easily controlled by; Optimizing tooth brushing, by […]

Oral Rinses – are they useful in the menagement if Periodontitis?

 Is an oral rinse beneficial for patients with periodontitis? YES! An oral rinse is a useful purchase, unfortunately some doctors think it is not useful-with the argument that bacteria leaks into the periodontal pockets. That is incorrect for two main reasons; The bacteria moves only due to extensions Bacteria are harmless on their own. They are destructive only in mature plaque, causing a cavity or a […]

Periodontitis and saliva test-is it useful?

Periodontitis-saliva test? Yes and no! Our last discussion was about lasers, today we want to inform you about the saliva test. It is a common practice for some dental professionals to require that the patients with periodontal disease to undergo expensive saliva test prior to their therapy.    Congratulations! Now the patient knows that there […]

A dental compendium

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Checkdent – the growing video lexikon Today we would like to take a short tour of checkdent. Much has  happened at! – We give you a list of videos to watch on a particular topic – and in that order. – Starting off with the story of how a cancer cell forms, and the more you know about cancer the less scary it gets… – Then you can watch a video on tongue cancer, which may not be of interest to you personally, but you may know someone, maybe a neighbour,...

Jaw pain-jaw joint pain-face pain

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Jaw pain-jaw joint pain, what is to be done? It happens unexpectedly while talking, yawning, or chewing-suddenly you recognise a stitch and the mouth opening area starts hurting and is often restricted. What is to be done? First of all: Keep calm, cause like every other joint, the jaw joint can be strained. It often happens during mountain hikes with ankles. If it happens in the jaw joint, affected people are more worried about! Moreover it doesn´t have to be the jaw joint, since muscle pain imitates...

Tongue cancer video: better than reports!

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Zurückgestellt – Clip noch nicht online Both tongue cancer and cancer in general are not exactly most people’ favorite topics – which is why we give you videos! There is already quite a lot of literature on tongue cancer and cancer. – It is much easier to show a video to elucidate this topic. Here you can see a video on tongue cancer, and you can also find videos on cancer (both lung and prostate cancer) at – If you would rather read, here is a short summary...

Dentist check

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Is it possible for patients to check their dentists? We say: Yes! How to reveal an unethical dentist? – – Let´s keep the bad tooth, is he getting bad before, we can use it for the dentures. Ouch: Teeth are not becoming bad! If the dentist argues that way he has no conception of dentistry-more on this in the video dental anomalies and cavity. The tooth is bad, it has to be extracted! Ouch: What does that mean? Either the dental care has not been sufficient, or you are not brushing your...

Costs of fillings-plastic fillings-pain

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How to choose a proper filling material? Pain after dental filling-why? Costs of fillings?! It is common to develop cavities on the posterior teeth due to several reasons.  The size of the teeth; they are bigger and have deep grooves. Another reason is the lack of proper brushing technique,  or inadequate brushing time. It is also important to floss once a day.  More on this, in the video dental anomalies and brushing techniques. A Distinction is made between fillings.  Different filling materials...