Posted by Dental News Team On February - 8 - 2010

Can the human body accumulate toxins?

No, but there are ads everywhere promising thorough cleansing. So why do we all feel so „toxic“ and furthermore, whoever said that things like drinking urine is „healthy“?
We will discuss this all next days…

Extracting heavy metals, alternative medicine, homeopathic medicine – You’ve already watched a video on homeopathic treatment and read about medical statistics – if not, then simply click the links, these reports are just brief introductions…

Don’t get us wrong, we neither adhere exclusively to conventional medicine nor do we condemn alternative treatment methods. A cure is a cure, no matter what you call it. But a treatment method/therapy should definitely provide some significant benefit to the patient, that makes it a good treatment method/therapy!

People unfortunately are prone to choosing extremes over the middle of the road. The big thing in the 70s, thanks to the practice of foot disinfection in baths, was the belief that cleaning agents can kill any and all bacteria. The 90s ushered in a gentle counter-revolution which nowadays leads hard-line ecology freaks to designate the fuel diesel as an „eco“ product!

Eco or non-eco, one thing is sure: eat healthy, do sports, watch your health!

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