Gum diseases

Posted by Dental News Team On April - 16 - 2010

Gingivitis – Parodontitis – Gum boil – Abscess; what is that?

Our topic in April is gum diseases. We were talking about root canal treatment and about different denture opportunities during the last months. Now let´s get back to the roots (root treatment) and let´s talk about gums. 

Before a denture can be made, all root treatment,- and gum problems have to be solved.

An overview:

  1. How does a healthy gum look like?
  2. Gingivitis, reasons, processes, therapy opportunities!
  3. Gum boil, abscess, gingival recession?
  4. Chronically gereralized paradontitis–chronically apical paradontitis.
  5. Parodontitis-usage of lasers–useful?
  6. Parodontitis-saliva test–useful?
  7. Parodontitis-oral rinse test–useful?
  8. Most reasons of paradontitis!
  9. Gum as a mirror of our entire health?
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Periodontitis, periodontosis, inflammation of the gums?

Posted by Dental News Team On November - 5 - 2009

Recession of the gums is a very common disease of our time.
Is it periodontosis, periodontitis, or even gingivitis? What is the right treatment?

parodontitis3Periodontitis: gums recede due to an inflammation in the periodontal apparatus. The correct term for this type of inflammation is periodontitis. The right type of treatment is periodontitis therapy! Simple cleaning is not a form of treatment!

The periodontal apparatus consists of the tooth root, the periodontal membrane (desmodont), the bone and gums.

If only the gums are inflamed, this is called gingivitis.

Periodontosis is a term falsely used to designate an inflammation of the periodontal apparatus. Due to earlier limitations in technology, it was impossible to isolate bacteria in gum pockets – so it was assumed that there was no inflammation and the disease was given the ending -osis. Periodont means periodontal apparatus, so  periodontosis means a recessaion of the periodontal apparatus.

Now we know that this is due to an inflammation caused by bacteria, so it is an -itis.

If your dentist talks about periodontosis, then s/he does not know about the illness or the right type of therapy!

More information on this topic here!

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