White teeth – a worthy aim, or just another hype?

Posted by pedro67 On March - 15 - 2010

Our appearance is influenced by many different factors, one of the biggest being our teeth!

Health, beauty and feeling good are becoming ever more important in the industrialized countries. One interesting aspect is that ideals diverge in the northern and southern countries of Europe, in the South (for example Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.) having gaps in your teeth is very common if you live in the countryside.

A mouth full of healthy teeth tends to be the exception rather than the rule, it is more common to be gap-toothed. And although city-dwellers tend to have less gaps, they do not pay much attention to the appearance of the teeth they do have.

Gold teeth, bad crowns, ugly amalgamate fillings and/or and or badly made plastic fillings are the norm!

In the more northern countries of Europe (Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, …) you will rarely find such poor work. If you do, then the person probably could not afford better work. There is a definite trend towards „White“.

The concept of „aesthetic dentistry“ came to us from the USA. White is not enough – everything has to look natural and teeth are not totally white!

Ironically, Galip Gürel – a Turk – is the chairperson of the Association for “Aesthetic Dentistry”. There is a trend towards teeth that look more natural. Teeth like those of the former Austrian Chancellor Dr. Klima are a sign that incompetent dentists and dental technicians were at work.

A crown need not be visible, much less a plastic filling in the front (picture above)! These are works of art, which not all dental technicians can master, and crowns such as this can cost €1500-2000.

A €500 crown stays visible, but should not cause any inflammation and/or recession of the gumsa groove cut and threads should be the standard nowadays, no matter the look!

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Bleach, don’t screech!

Posted by Dental News Team On November - 17 - 2009

Bleaching is not harmful to your teeth, assuming no halogen lamps or laser are used!

bleachingOld techniques:
Bleaching gel
, which used to be (and still is) applied to teeth, is dried using laser or halogen lamps. This supposedly „activates“ the gel. But this is not true!

The light dries out the tooth,which looks whiter for a very short period. The whitening effect only holds for about 1-2 days, once the tooth starts absorbing moisture, it turns darker.
Drying out a tooth can damage it and the tooth nerve.

This is why bleaching should always be performed without lamps or lasers.

Watch a video film on this topic here!

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