Periodontitis versus parodontosis

There are still dental professionals who use the old and wrong name for a periodontal disease – parodontosis. The correct name is periodontitis. – In former times bacteria couldn´t be proven because of wrong techniques-this was called parodontosis. In the last 25 years it is known that inflammation of the periodontum is caused by bacteria, […]

Gums as a reflection of our overall health!?

Gums as a reflection of our overall health? YES AND NO! Over and over again we read scientific and non scientific journals about vitamin deficiency and the consequences from it. As a result many people choose to take homeopathic medicine –a mistake most of the time! – 99% of gum diseases are attributed to plaque […]

Most common reasons for periodontitis

  – – – – – – – Most common reasons for periodontitis The most common reasons of pariodontitis are: Plaque accumulation due to poor oral hygiene, overhang restorations, ill fitting crowns Malocclusion Stress      Smoking Systemic disease such as diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes Fortunately all these factors are easily controlled by; Optimizing tooth brushing, by […]

Oral Rinses – are they useful in the menagement if Periodontitis?

 Is an oral rinse beneficial for patients with periodontitis? YES! An oral rinse is a useful purchase, unfortunately some doctors think it is not useful-with the argument that bacteria leaks into the periodontal pockets. That is incorrect for two main reasons; The bacteria moves only due to extensions Bacteria are harmless on their own. They are destructive only in mature plaque, causing a cavity or a […]

Periodontitis and saliva test-is it useful?

Periodontitis-saliva test? Yes and no! Our last discussion was about lasers, today we want to inform you about the saliva test. It is a common practice for some dental professionals to require that the patients with periodontal disease to undergo expensive saliva test prior to their therapy.    Congratulations! Now the patient knows that there […]

Dentures supported by implants

Posted by Dental News Team am 13, Apr - 2010

Dentures supported by implants-different treatment waiting times

A fixed denture is always supported by bones, which means the masticatory force is either initiated by teeth or implants.

First implants has to be set in the bones, you call this an implantation. Nowadays minimal invasive techniques are standard, for example the swage technique.

Depending on whether the implant is treated with denture, you differentiate an..

o    immediate treatment

o– –immediate loading
o    open/muted  cure

If the implant is immediately exposed to the whole masticatory forces, you call it an immediate loading. It is possible if the quality of bones is ideal-especially in the lower jaw.

If the implant is immediately treated with denture, but is not exposed to the whole masticatory forces-the tooth is made smaller-it is called immediate treatment.

Whether the implant is loaded immediately or afterwards depends on different factors, especially on the quality of bones. Another factor is the extent of the implantation. For example, if a bone set up surgery is made in the same session, the mucous membrane is sutured tightly-a muted cure.

Sometimes the bone quality is not adequate for an immediate treatment. This would be a risk, since the tooth can be loosed before it is healed by the nutrition and/or the tongue. Either the implant is cured muted, or a so called gingiva shaper is fixed. The gingiva shaper saves the clearance surgery after the cure is done. You call this an open cure.

It is called muted cure if the implants are cured below the mucous membrane, so that the bone set up material cannot be infected-a bone loss would be the result. Through the mucous membrane occlusion the area of operations is protected from bacteria in the oral. The disadvantage of immediate treatment, immediate loading and open cure is the co called clearance surgery-the mucous membrane has to be open again after implant cure.

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